A leading cybercrime intelligence database

Data Collecting

Building our cyber intelligence database

Hacker247 collects information that has been stolen or leaked, from a variety of sources such as intelligence gathering (Human Intelligence – HUMINT) and Applied Research (HUMAN+TECHNOLOGY).

We have over 30 years’ experience in this type of data collection and we use scanners and other automated tools, in addition to HUMINT, to collect data.

Data Cleansing

Maintaining a quality cyber intelligence database
Hacker247 has a rigorous data cleansing process, which provides you with reliable and accurate reports and alerts from global data breaches. We use the following four steps to do this:



We use specific technology to help analyse the data, and each of the sources is checked and verified by our team before being placed in our data gathering process.



After analysing the data, we then carefully classify each field and will discard any records not containing a PII or a password.



We look at the existing files in our system and compare the data to them. We will then discard any duplicate data from past data breaches. This prevents unnecessary alerts.



Hacker247 will validate every password dump using a variety of different techniques to provide accurate information regarding the extent of the exposure of your personal data.

Our Data

The data in our database is 100% reliable

Focused Data

We concentrate on specific emails, usernames, passwords, or other PII, which is used to help prevent ATO and cybercrime in general.

Unfocused Data

We don’t collect spam lists or marketing databases, and we don’t purchase lists or share information with other sources.