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One of the biggest Google searches at the moment includes the question ‘is my data safe?’ After the Facebook data scandal which hit 87 million users (reported by the BBC) people are more concerned than ever about where personal data is ending up online. Below are a few examples of breaches last year.

T-Mobile leakes around 2 million customer records

T-Mobile reported that on August 20th 2018, the company was hit by hackers who were able to gain access to personal information from roughly 2 million customers, including the name, billing zip code, phone number, email address, account number, and account type of users.

Timehop exposes near enough their entire database to hackers

Timehop disclosed a security breach that has compromised the names and emails of 21 million users (essentially its entire user base).  Around a fifth of the affected users have also had a phone number that was attached to their account breached in the same attack.

Google announced it would be shutting down Google+ after records are leaked

A software glitch caused Google to expose the personal profile data of 500,000 Google+ users. Then again in December, Google revealed it had experienced a second data breach that affected 52.5 million users. Google has now decided it will shut down Google+ for good in April 2019.

How Hacker247 can help

As demonstrated by even the largest companies above, it can be hard to keep track on how your personal information is stored and secured. Hacker247 is able to ensure that if you or your family’s data is breached, we will know and almost instantly notify you when this hits the wrong places and falls into the wrong hands.

Evolving database of compromised information 

We hold billions of data records from thousands of sources which includes 80 different types of data including emails, passwords, usernames, addresses and many more items of a personal nature

Instant alerts when we think your details have been hacked

Hacker247 will compare your personal information to those on our database of records – if we find a match then we will instantly notify you. Giving you a heads up so that you can go ahead and change your passwords and secure and monitor your account for any suspicious activity. 

Cleansed database to ensure no false alarms or bogus reports

We understand that the internet can easily get filled with bogus news and false reports which is why Hacker247 spends the majority of its time sifting through its findings to ensure that any data input is 100% genuine.