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Account takeover (ATO) has become commonplace, particularly because of the habitual reuse of the same passwords and it has become a profitable way for even inexperienced cybercriminals to compromise the accounts of your customers and employees.

Hacker247 helps businesses no matter how large or small prevent ATO and data breaches. It provides one of the largest databases of cybercrime intelligence, to ensure that you are given the information needed to act upon any vulnerable attacks and stop hackers in their tracks.

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Protecting Your Customers And Employees From Account Takeovers

Hacker247 helps prevent data breaches and ATO by alerting your company’s security or fraud team if your company’s assets have been compromised. We do this through our early-warning breach detection scanning service. You will receive instant alerts when we discover your company’s credentials or those of your customers have been exposed and you will be given information on which email or domain name has been affected and how and when it was exposed. We will then provide you with a link to view the full details.

Our ATO prevention solutions work seamlessly with your existing systems and security processes.


Internet users reuse the same password across multiple websites


LinkedIn users have weak passwords


organisations still store admin passwords in word documents


IT pros admit sharing passwords in insecure ways

How It Works

When a user’s email and passport combination matches a previous breach in our database, a password resetting process is initiated by your system and this prevents a successful ATO attack. The same applies to a situation where an employee’s credentials are exposed. A password reset will occur immediately and the account will be monitored.

Hacker247’s solutions therefore help to prevent new account fraud, as well as preventing loss of revenue, spam, and damage to your company’s brand.

To see your company’s breach history instantly, enter your domain names, email addresses and any other company information and from that moment on our analysts will be able to monitor your assets on the underground.

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