It’s a big community engaging in the most sensitive topics, but today Mumsnet has reported themselves to the UK’s data protection watchdog after users where able to see sensitive information of other accounts following their migration to the cloud.

Although Mumsnet had their users’ intentions at heart by moving to a more secure cloud environment it didn’t run as smoothly as expected. It was reported that the migration affected the information of users that tried logging in between Tuesday (5th February 2019) and Thursday (7th February 2019). Some users experiencing the ability to view others email addresses, posting history and even private messages.

Justine Roberts, founder and CEO at Mumsnet has stated that only 14 incidents have been reported however there has been in excess of 4000 users logging in between this period so the exact figure of breached accounts is still unknown.

Could your account be affected?

We would suggest you head over to your Mumsnet account and check your account for any suspicious activity – if you see a mismatch of personal information then to report it to their support immediately.

If all is well then, we still advise you to take precautions and be cyber aware – although your account may seem unaffected by this breach there are still possibilities that your account information has fallen into the wrong hands.

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